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I am a Ohio State University, education degree graduate. I have worked in public and private schools in three states.

I when to work for them, eight months ago and was just falsely accused of "Abandoning a child", threatened with the school calling in the state agencies for this falsely alleged crime against me and when I tried to defend myself against such outrageous charges, was cruelly dressed down and terminated the next day. The situation was: I was on recess duty with another teacher. One little boy had an accident and needed to change his clothes and another needed to have his temperature taken. I walked the first child with his change of clothes into the boy's RR in the classroom, then took the sick child to the office to have ear thermometer take his temp.

Literally a total of less than two minutes to accomplish that thermometer reading and return to class. Came back to the room, talked to the boy in the RR if he needed any assistance, which he didn't, waited with the other child and until he out four or five minutes later, took both children to the playground. To twist this incident to ABANDONING A CHILD is so distorted, so caustically motivated that it has been a traumatic incident. During the first raking over the coals which had reduced me to tears, the "administrator" asked, "Do you want a hug...You are a fabulous teacher, the children love you, the parents love you." How disgusting to say that to someone you were falsely accusing of a crime!

I was forced to write "Your version" during that first emotional attack, next to impossible to do under the circumstances, and when I went in the next day with a properly prepared statement the "owner" refused to even look at it, coldly stating it would be put in my file. When I read their "version" it was so full of known lies, such as I had left the child in the classroom alone, was gone out of the classroom for over five minutes with the child for the temperature check, that it has caused me further distress that anyone would treat anyone like this. I have heard that as many as 11 workers have left due to such abusive episodes. I know I witnessed an amazing turn over of teachers and others, especially since there are only about thirty five employees.

I would highy sugges other learn from my sad, abusive experience and look elsewhere for employment with children.

I also saw strong incidents of favoritism where the rules don't apply to those who are favored by the administrators.

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I have personally worked for 3 different Primrose schools in Ohio and all 3 of them would fire an employee who left a child unattended. The best way to handle a situation like that is to take both children inside (assuming you didn't leave your co-teacher over ratio on the playground) and have the boy who had the accident change first while you give the sick child some water and rest inside.

Once the child who had the accident changes, you take both up to the office and have the office ear check the child who has a fever. There is a simple way to remedy the situation you found yourself in. After a total of 8 years in childcare, I can safely say any teacher who left a child alone in a classroom unattended deserves to be fired.

However, management could have treated it better it sounds like. But you still left a child unattended.


I work for primrose and as an emoloyee you should have known better than to leave any child alone, under any circumstances. I don't feel bad for you at all because that's common sense.


I was also terminated by a primrose school for what they said was the same thing!!!! They refused to even look into the situation and both myself and my co teacher where fired the following morning!

to Anonymous #1092020

That'a amazing! It really did feel like a set-up; it was so absurd, an empty threat that they were going to fire me, etc.

The ONLY person who would have known how I handled the two little boys, RR, and ear check was the teacher in the classroom who I was out on recess duty with. How anyone would "report" a fellow teacher for such a ridiculous thing is vicious and truly "conspiratorial!" the seething rage that the "supervisior" hit me with when I first was sent to office was ridiculous. She knew all the supposed details and couldn't have been more vicious. Friends have said they thought they just wanted an excuse to get rid of me.

The question I'm left with is WHY?? As that "B" even told me when she was emotionally abusing me, that I was a "fabulous" teacher, the kids and parents "love you"...and yet I was being thrown out on trumped up charges. Thankfully, I got a job at a much better place.

AND, best of all, I was told by a parent who emailed me with her sympathies that it was causing that miserable place a lot of anger by parents and sadness with the kids...who I still miss. thanks for sharing and letting the word out about what a rotten place it is to work for...hope you get a job at a place that is the opposite of PA!

to Anonymous #1126882

Did you hire attorney?

to Anonymous Ingram, Texas, United States #1184870

Licensing standards clearly state that no child can be left unattended for ANY length of time. Period.

Quit whining and move on! You violated a state licensing standard. It's possible that the management did not handle the situation appropriately. If that is the case, it is regrettable.

However, it does not negate the fact that you were in direct violation of state regulations the minute you stepped out of that classroom.

Take responsibility for your own actions, quit blaming and pointing fingers, learn from YOUR mistake and move on! Seriously, your embarrassing yourself!

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